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IP PBX Services

IP PBX has replaced the traditional PBX solution for better and faster performance. This internet based telephonic solution is must for your call centre where speed in dealing with customers is the most important thing. IP PBX has allowed us to get rid of bulky hardware based PBX solutions, delayed service, and hefty maintenance expenses for better and nimble solution. It lets you connect to the world with just a few clicks. With advanced features like call forwarding, personalized voice mail, call transferring, conference calls, and more it improves call management solution and overall performance of your business. Our IP PBX solution is packed with the most modern features to help lowering your monthly telephone expenses and improve performance. It is a compact and complete solution with lower maintenance trouble.

The ABC Info Tech Communications IP PBX solution is packed with features to die for providing advanced communication solution.

  • Voice-over-IP
  • Fax-over-IP
  • Voice recording
  • Conference call
  • Video call
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Call on hold
  • DID management
  • Custom reporting
  • Monitoring presence
  • Instant messaging
  • Remote extension
  • Dial-by-extension/Dial-by-name
  • Multiway conference call
  • Call park